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Amateur Radio News

Today is Sunday. Here is the latest ham radio news Downeast Maine:

Winter Field Day!

Don't let the winter blues or Covid-19 isolation get you down! Get your gear ready for Winter Field Day, scheduled for Sat Jan 30 and Sunday Jan 31. You can setup in a camper, a vehicle, a tent, or right in the comfort of your home shack. N1EP plans on particpating from the camper, which is located about 50 feet from the house. I will use a roll of speaker wire to fashion a multibanf HF dipole, and will erect a 2-meter jpole on the camper to boot! I just hope the camper's furnace is working. It's cold out there!

A few members of the Maine Ham Radio Society will operate in a socially-distanced manner from the woods shack of Brian KC1FXF. I know a few Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association members also plan to join in the fun from their homes or elsewhere. Don't miss out!

Here are the details and rules: Winter Field Day

FCC Changes To Ham Radio Applications

The FCC has decided to mandate a couple changes that affect amateur radio operators.

  • Applicants' valid email addresses will be required on all new apllications.This new requirement goes into effect in June 2021.
  • Application Fees: The FCC has decided to impose a $35 application fee on all new licences and upgrades. This is in addition to the VEC fee. So, it looks like a new applicant coming to an examination session will have to pay $50 to take the test. This includes the FCC fee and the current ARRL VEC fee. The FCC has not indicated when this chnage will be implemented.