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Blogging Not Logging!

Recruiting New Hams

Until I get my blog up and running, I would like to use this space to call attention to something that I think is important. We need new blood in the amateur radio community. As a volunteer examiner, I know that VE teams around the country are doing just that. But i think we need to put more emphasis on that goal. We not only need more new hams, but many more from the category of 'Not Yet Over The Hill!'

Nothing against all the more mature (and I use that term loosely) hams, because I am included in that bunch, but our hobby and service needs some younger generations of hams. It would be nice to have a lot of teenage people licensed hams, but when I go to hamfests, club meetings, and chat with people on the air, I find very few people that are in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s. Yes, they are busy raising families and juggling jobs, for sure, but there must be a way to demonstrate that there is something attractive in the hobby to these age groups, and that the time they commit to it is totally up to them.

For instance, ham radio can, and should be promoted as a family fun hobby. Ham Radio 'sporting' activities may draw some interest, as well as the newest digital modes, getting some club members to demonstrate space communications, incorporating the Raspberry Pi computer into ham radio, and more.

Let us start sharing our ideas and then start acting on some and recruit some fresh DNA into the hobby! Who is with me?