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Maine Seagull Net M thru Sat 4:30pm 3.940 Mhz - N1EP Net Control Station Wednesdays!

All Things Ham Radio!

Welcome to my home page, a launching pad to many fascinating ham radio activities in Maine and around the world.

Checkout the new PROMOTE page with sampe amateur radio promotion documents, including public service announcements and press releases:


Maine Seal

Maine To Recognize Hams

The Maine State Legislature is planning on lauding the amateur radio community's contributions to society and recognize World Amateur Radio Day, which is April 18.

The joint resolution was supposed to be proclamated on January 17, 2023, but due to icy road conditions, it has been rescheduled for January 26.

Where It All Started

Short Wave Listening

Many ham radio operators first became intereted in radio as short wave listeners (SWLers), and I was one of them. As a kid, and even while I was in the Navy, I loved tuning around and finding broadcast stations, military communications, commercial transmissions, and ham radio transmissions. Recently, I discovered that my Kenwood TS-890s has a cool retro-look display option for the SWL bands, so I have been re-discovering the fun of SWL. I was surprised to hear air traffic controll communications on 6586 kHz USB. It was interesting hearing Delta, Jet Blue, and others communicate with air traffic control on the HF bands. I have heard rumors that you can find pirate propaganda broadcasts from Russia and the Ukraine as they posture for a possible war. I will be searching for them!


Get More Signal For Your Buck
dipole antenna

Amateur radio is an awesome hobby and public service. We all love to get on the air and chat using a multitude of modes and frequencies. But sometimes we wish the signals we are hearing were stronger, and that our own transmissions could reach out farther to get the attention of that rare DX or contest station.

Read full article here: Optimize Your Ham Radio System!

Pi This Winter!

Raspberry Pi Microcomputer
Dec 11, 2019

A nifty tiny but powerful device that can complement any ham shack is the Raspberry Pi mico computer. The new Raspberry Pi 4 is quite an upgrade from the previous model and can run all the open source office suites, browse the Internet, and run many ham radio applications.These include packet/APRS, NBEMS/FLDIGI and associated programs, logging and rig control, echolink, and much more!

My winter projects relating to the Raspberry Pi include the fllowing:

  • TNC Pi Kit for APRS
  • Maintain Several Web Sites With Pi
  • Interface Pi With HF Rig for Digital Comms
  • Track Satellites with Gpredict
  • I'll post my progress on this web site. 73 de N1EP

    Sundays Sweepstakes Social Was Fun!

    joan and Brian make sweepstakes contacts
    Joan N1NUA and Brian KC1FXF made
    a great team during the Sweepstakes!

    Check out the sweepstakes social article under the NEWS section!