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Maine Seagull Net M thru Sat 5pm 3.940 Mhz - N1EP Net Control Station Wednesdays!

All Things Ham Radio!

Welcome to my home page, a launching pad to many fascinating ham radio activities in Maine and around the world.

MHRS YouTube Channel

Do not miss out on any Maine Ham Radio Society MHRS RadioActive YouTube videos. The channel is available here: MHRS RadioActive YouTube Channel

Six Meter Fun

The summer will be here before you know it, and the 6-meter magic band will be hopping! Get your antennas up and ready NOW! Put a vertical in the air and test it during the Maine Ham Radio Society Six Meter On-Air event, April 3 at 1600 (4pm) on or near 52.525 Mhz FM. There are all sorts of simple 6-meter antenna designs on the Internet. Get it in the air as high as possible. Net Control Station for the Apr 3 event will be KB1CEJ/N1EP located in Milbridge, Maine. Let the magic begin!

Signals DownEast Newsletter

The latest edition of the Signals Downeast Long Path Newsletter is avalable here. The feature article is about Saint Crox Valley ARC's Pedro WA4KEO, and highlights his Apollo Project work and much more. Check it out!

Upcoming Events

MHRS Youtube Soldering and ki building image

New MHRS RadioActive Video

MHRS RadioActive has posted a new ham radio video to Youtube. This one features Randi soldering and building an FM radio kit.

Access the video here: Soldering and Kit-Building Fun

Forty Meters Fun Event

Join W1KMG on or near 7262khz on Sunday, March 21 at 10am. Let us see how the short skip is and have some fun on the air! N1EP will call up a special net using the callsign W1KMG.

W1KMG is the call sign of the Poverty Hill Amateur Radio Group and is in tribute to the original W1KMG, Bob Begley, now a silent key.


Get More Signal For Your Buck
dipole antenna

Amateur radio is an awesome hobby and public service. We all love to get on the air and chat using a multitude of modes and frequencies. But sometimes we wish the signals we are hearing were stronger, and that our own transmissions could reach out farther to get the attention of that rare DX or contest station.

Read full article here: Optimize Your Ham Radio System!

Things To Do In Quarantine!

The CoronaVirus has impacted nearly every facet of life on planet Earth. But Ham Radio offers us many opportunities to pass the time with fun and rewarding activities. Here are a few:

Pi This Winter!

Raspberry Pi Microcomputer
Dec 11, 2019

A nifty tiny but powerful device that can complement any ham shack is the Raspberry Pi mico computer. The new Raspberry Pi 4 is quite an upgrade from the previous model and can run all the open source office suites, browse the Internet, and run many ham radio applications.These include packet/APRS, NBEMS/FLDIGI and associated programs, logging and rig control, echolink, and much more!

My winter projects relating to the Raspberry Pi include the fllowing:

  • TNC Pi Kit for APRS
  • Maintain Several Web Sites With Pi
  • Interface Pi With HF Rig for Digital Comms
  • Track Satellites with Gpredict
  • I'll post my progress on this web site. 73 de N1EP

    Sundays Sweepstakes Social Was Fun!

    joan and Brian make sweepstakes contacts
    Joan N1NUA and Brian KC1FXF made
    a great team during the Sweepstakes!

    Check out the sweepstakes social article under the NEWS section!