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Maine Seagull Net M thru Sat 5:00pm 3.940 Mhz - N1EP Net Control Station Wednesdays!

N1EP portable operations

Meet 'N Greets!

Many ham radio groups get together on a regular basis for meetings, coffee socials, suppers, etc. These are publicized within the local amateur radio community. Why not set some of these aside as "Meet 'N Greets and publicize it within the local non-ham public community? Invite them to join you and learn a bit about ham radio and what a fun social network it can be. Thank you John WA1KLI for this suggestion. If you do schedule such an event, send me the info and I will post it on my web site and on the Maine Ham Radio Society Facebook Page as well as on my own personal Facebook wall. The key is getting the info out not only to hams, but to the "civilian" community as well.

Checkout the new PROMOTE page with sample amateur radio promotion documents, welcome letters to new hams, example public service announcements and press releases:


Updated February 27, 2024

Running For Re-Election Afterall!

By now you have heard that due to personl reasons, I had withdrawn my nomination for Maine section manager. The past few weeks I have solicited far and wide for some other Maine hams to run for the position, all to no avail. Some say they would consider running for section manager in a couple years from now, but not at this time. I do not want to see Maine go without having that critical position filled. So, unless another qualified Maine ham submits a nomination package in the next few days before the deadline, I will resubmit my nomination and serve another term. I will have to make some modifications to my schedule and other section manager tasks to make it work, but I think it is doable.73 de Phil Duggan, N1EP

getting skunked

I Got Skunked!

Have you ever put your call sign out on your local VHF repeater, or called CQ on the high frequency bands, only to come up empty? Of course you have. We have all been there. Everyone gets skunked now and then. But there are operating practices that can help maximize your chances of a successful contact.

Read rest of article here: I Got Skunked! <-- Check it out!.

All Hands On Deck!

Calling all ham radio clubs, ARES teams, and other amateur radio groups and individual hams! We need help welcoming new hams into the hobby and assisting them in getting on the air. Eighty percent of new hams vanish from the scene before their 1-year license anniversary! Check out my article in the Maine Telegraph newsletter that is hitting the streets right after the new years. For the sake of our hobby's future, we need to turn this around. You can get the newsletter at www.mainearrl.org. Look for it first week in January.

Ham Radio Goals 2024

Let's not call them resolutions, hi hi!

Here is a list of some of my personal ham radio goals for 2024. By not calling them resolutions, maybe I will stick to them, hi hi! (hi hi is hamspeak for LOL, hi hi, lol, ha ha, hee hee, ready for the funny farm I is!)