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About N1EP.COM


About Me!

My interest in radio electronics began in the 60s, but it was not until I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1996 that I earned my ham radio 'ticket' and got on-the-air! Believe me, it has been 21 years of FUN, and it has been rewarding as well. Modern digital modes, old-fashioned but reliable Morse code, single sideband, chatting with astronauts, working satellites, and staying involved in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service have all been fun and rewarding. But I think the best part of ham radio is a social thing. I love meeting people and making friends, and ham radio is an awesome platform to make that happen! My contact information is below; however, the best way to reach me is on the bands! If you are in VHF simplex range to Milbridge, Maine, I monitor 146.595 Mhz. I also usually monitor the Hancock County EMCOMM Repeater in Ellsworth 146.910- (pl 151.4). Also, when I am in the shack and not chasing DX, I often monitor 3940 kHz. Give me a shout! Or the less interesting methods . . .

Phil Duggan N1EP 195 Kansas RD Milbridge, ME 04658 Email phil@n1ep.com


From downtown Milbridge, turn onto RT-1A (at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust) and drive across bridges over the mighty Narraguagus River. Take the first left onto Kansas RD. We are up just under a mile, on the right. White house with black steel roof. Antennas on the 3-car garage. Can't miss it!